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North Wales - United Kingdom

Creating the Scalable Models

In order to create a model which can be adopted, accepted and replicated both Nationally and Internationally, we are first trialling three scales  100, 500 and 1000 Acres as a demonstration of what we believe is possible. Once these scales have been modelled, we will be able to replicate these across Wales in order to show what is possible with environmental stewardship. Similar models which have inspired us are the Kins Domains in Russia, where over 40,000 families are currently living this way of life, and have been for over 10 years.


The Three Scalable models are experimental in nature, created for the purpose of understanding the logistics of how each scale can work, how many people can live on each scalable model, what it looks like in terms of community shared spaces and the effects each village can have on its wider community. 

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100 Acre Model

The first Farm in North Wales is situated on 100 Acres of Land, with the ambitions of leaving around 60% as wilderness, which already features marshes, woodlands and groves, 25% to 1 Acre or 2.5 Acre Private Plots and the remaining 15% to community shared space. This model will house between 15 to 25 families and have around 3 Acres of shared Community Growing Space. 

500 Acre Model

The Second Farm is also in North Wales and is a 500 Acre Farm, this scale will seek to include a larger community shared space of up to 30 Acres, with multiple workshop spaces and small independent shops. It will also house around 140- 170 families and could feature a forest school, retreats, animal healing centres, or offer specialised services and skilled crafts.  

Image by sasha set
Sarah Twynham Photography

1000 Acre Model

Scaling to 1,000 acres will prove that this can be done with hundreds to thousands of people living in the communities. A community at this scale will have a more diverse range of skills and practices only improving the way of life and opportunity for all who are a part of the community and beyond. 

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North, South, East and West - United Kingdom


"The Worlds First Ethical Country"

Artistic Representation of Wales - Arimas Arts

Replicating the Three Village Models

Once the models have been proven we hope that local governments and councils will seek to collaborate with us and implement our model across the country. Creating hundreds of ethical communities across Wales, which are all interconnected will pave the way for Wales to become the first ethical country. Our aim is to encourage connections and inspire communities and local towns and villages in Wales.



United Kingdom

Replicating the Ethical Country Model

Lets create a Sovereign Nation

By proving our mission through small communities to country-wide living we expect this way of life to become a logical sensible choice for all humans to consider. Through solving virtually every problem mankind is facing, we will be able to create a way of life that is in alignment with our true nature, and one which doesn't require filling the hands of greedy corporations and corrupt politicians. Making land available to those who seek to respect it and have guardianship over it, without wanting to exploit it and its resources. Putting people back in alignment with truth, individuality and equality, whilst creating a nation of sovereign and empowered communities. 

Worlds End South Africa


Every Country in the World

Replicating the Village Models Internationally 

We expect this to go beyond ourselves!

World Flags

We do not claim to be the first to talk about living this way of life. By working together we can ensure people from all around the world have an opportunity to live the best quality of life for the geographical location that they live. Levelling the playing field and bringing humanity together in true ethical equality. Building relationships overseas with other sovereign communities and local people, where trading and sharing goods, information, skills and services can take place peer to peer, village to village with no middleman or large corporation taking a large percentage or profiting.

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