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About The Gaian Earth Trust

Seeking to Help All to Live a Natural Sovereign Way of Life

The Gaian Earth Trust is dedicated to helping create a world of peace and harmony between the natural world and all people. We want to inspire and empower people to live in harmony with nature and their local communities, by providing them with the resources to do so. 

We work to support and build village co-operatives to provide education and resources to those who need them. Our ultimate goal is to see a world where everyone has an opportunity to live peacefully and sustainably on their own 1-acre to 2.5-acre domain.

We are now a registered co-operative, as this best represents our core values and principles at The Gaian Earth Trust - Where all our members are equal. (We have just been approved as a cooperative but are sorting out the legal structures and memberships - update to follow 27/09/23).


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people with the choice they never had. Creating a more ethical future for all starts by levelling the playing field. By providing access to a lifestyle that is based on regeneration, sustainability, improving our quality of life, cooperation, and self-reliance we give people the principles and knowledge that they didn't have through our educational and governmental systems. By creating a global network of village cooperatives that promote a way of life, that is in harmony with our natural environment and all people, we create a network which, we believe, can reverse the all-around damage done to humanity and the planet.

Our Mission For Nature...


Create Appropriate Bio-Diversity and Regenerate Deprived Landscapes.


Encourage the Return of Native Species by Increasing Habitation.

Increase & Improve Wilderness Spaces so Nature Can Thrive on its Own.


Increasing Awareness, Knowledge and Understanding of Natural Law

Our Mission For The Planet...


Reducing Global Consumption Through the 1 Acre Footprint Model.

Safeguarding The Future of Our Planet for The Seventh Generation.

Increasing Localisation of Products and Services.


Providing Equal Access for All to Live a Natural, Sovereign Way of Life.

Our Mission For the People...

Promoting Independence by Providing People With a Choice Not Based on Heritage or Privilege.

Re-establishing our Connection to the Natural World.

Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Worry through Community and Collaboration.

Promoting Self-reliance and Collaboration Through Sustainable Practices. 

Our Five E's

We believe that everyone and everything on this planet is interconnected, and if given the right conditions all things can thrive in harmony, peace and abundance.


Instead of focusing on one world issue, we have created a unique model which will represent every global issue, from poverty and education to mental health, well-being, the environment and more. We believe that this total holistic solution will resolve all world issues, allowing us, meaning you, to make a lasting impact by addressing the root causes of global issues.



Our work is driven by our five E’s: Ethically, Ecologically, Economically, Empowerment, and Education.


Create Ethically - towards total Inclusion - the conditions for all individuals to have equal access to land and resources in Wales and to do this within the guidance of World Equity. Wales may then become the World model.

Screenshot 2023-04-08 at 12.14.15.png


Reduce Ecologically - within ‘Planetary guidelines’ -  consumption to within the Earth’s capacity, allowing all aspects of nature to regenerate and flourish, whilst demonstrating that the Law of Nature is cyclical and generates no waste.


Demonstrate Economically - through Localisation - that the acre model is able to generate abundance beyond the village into the wider community, showing that localisation of everything reduces costs and increases benefits for all.



Encourage Empowerment - in Sovereign creativity - 
for every individual, after meeting needs and r
educing stress, to find their life’s purpose, so that each and everyone may soar to the highest version of themselves.


Develop Education - towards Harmony in all things - for all to understand how living in harmony with both Nature and Culture requires an understanding of ‘Planetary Capacity’, the ‘1 Acre Footprint’, and ‘Natural Law’. A living demonstration of these, safeguards the future for the Seventh Generation, but in a way that is effortless and beautiful.


Our Purpose

 Our purpose is to purchase land and return it to the public and nature, providing people and all creatures with the opportunity to live and prosper on it. We are passionate about creating a world where everyone has access to land, resources and education, enabling them to live an independent, connected and sovereign life. Through our trust, we ensure the land is protected and not owned by any individual or corporation. We want to provide education and resources that empower people and inspire the creation of conscious communities, whilst strengthening existing communities by creating interconnected networks.

To Purchase Land  

To Provide Education & Empowerment

To Create Conscious Communities

The Benefits The Villages Provide

Our five E's outline the main principals of The Gaian Earth Trust, but these can be broken down into three main categories: Economics, Ecology and Ethics. Below you can see a detailed list of everything that the Gaian Earth Trust will represent, encourage and promote. 




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Find out more about our Gaian Village Benefits below.

People in the garden

Problems We Want To Solve

Financial Debt.jpg


The average total debt per household was £65,914 in January 2023, and on average, a UK household spends £4.12 per day on water, electricity and gas. With these figures in mind, millions of people are struggling to pay for bills, food and many other daily essentials. 

Our Solution:

We are seeking to combat this by building people's homes for free, showing people how to capture water, provide renewable energy and solve household waste completely including sewerage.  While also re-skilling individuals who would like to be educated on building, carpentry, energy installation and natural plumbing.



seasonal knowledge & understanding-4.jpg


At least 271,000 people in the UK are homeless, including 123,000 children.

Our Solution:

In building communities, we will aim to house a percentage of homeless people including children, so they may be given an opportunity to learn and provide for themselves. Each village will have a community space which could be used as a way of providing food or shelter to homeless people, in addition to creating permanent housing. 





The United Nations has predicted that 90% of the world's soils will be "at risk" by 2050. No top soils mean no ability to grow food. We think that sentence speaks for itself. 

Our Solution:

Each village will employ a natural approach to all growing, which means that the soils that have been heavily depleted and poisoned by industrial fertilisers and pesticides, will be provided with an opportunity to completely recover. Permaculture and forest gardening will be used to aid in the process of this, and each individual or family will receive the skills to implement this on their own private domain.



By 2060, global material use could double to 190 billion tonnes (from 92 billion), while greenhouse gas emissions could increase by 43 per cent. These numbers are already unsustainable but to double them in the next 40 years is not something we want to sit by and allow to happen. 

Our Solution:

Finding free and natural methods of energy is something that is re-emerging in the world. In the meantime, solar panels, wind turbines and hydro turbines allow for each community to rely solely on renewable energy.




Conventional agriculture utilises pesticides and fertilizer to grow its food in large quantities causing toxins and pollutants to enter our food. These pesticides and fertilisers destroy the soil life and biodiversity ultimately producing malnourished crops. Malnourished crops result in food that contains fewer vitamins and minerals. 

Our Solution:

By using Forest Gardening and Permaculture, you can grow high diverse yields of nutritionally dense foods that will support the villages and local communities. With more people on a nutritionally rich diet, wellness, mental health and more will be improved.   


The UK is not protecting its forests. Between 2001 & 2021, the UK lost 105,000 hectares of tree cover. This equates to a 6.9% decrease in tree cover.

Our Solution:

Each village will keep 60% of the land for wildlife. Included in this will be forests and woodland. In some cases, human intervention will be taken out of the equation so a woodland or forest may recover in a more natural manner. Each case in regards to this will be different.


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