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Principals & Values

The Gaian Earth Trust understands that creating a prosperous, thriving future for our children is not just about growing food and having space. It is about understanding people. What we have been through, how we relate to each other, how we learn to understand people beyond the mundane level of life. We wish to present to the world principles and values that we believe aid in living a peaceful, harmonious and balanced life. 

The Gaian Earth Trust Village Principles & Values

To Create Ethically - towards total Inclusion - the conditions for all individuals to have equal access to land and resources in Wales and to do this within the guidance of World Equity. Wales may then become the World model.

To Reduce Ecologically - within ‘Planetary guidelines’ - consumption to within the Earth’s capacity, allowing all aspects of nature to regenerate and flourish, whilst demonstrating that the Law of Nature is cyclical and generates no waste.

To Demonstrate Economically - through Localisation - that the acre model is able to generate abundance beyond the village into the wider community, showing that localisation of everything reduces costs and increases benefits for all.

To Encourage Empowerment - in Sovereign creativity - for every individual, after meeting needs and reducing stress, to find their life’s purpose, so that each and everyone may soar to the highest version of themselves.

To Develop Education - towards Harmony in all things - for all to understand how living in harmony with both Nature and Culture requires an understanding of ‘Planetary Capacity’, the ‘1 Acre Footprint’, and ‘Natural Law’. A living demonstration of these safeguards the future for the Seventh Generation, but in a way that is effortless and beautiful.

Personal Principles & Values


Conscientiousness - To be aware of ourselves. Every thought we have, every word we speak and every action we take play have an effect on others and our environment. Every word said in love or anger leaves its mark. In moments of frustration, we can say things we don't mean. If we leave those words without being aware of them and correcting them then it can cause pain, anxiety and suffering. If a person is aware of themselves, and the truth of a situation, then pain and suffering can be removed as soon as the hand is extended out. If two people see the truth and can not harmonise with it then this is where the private domain allows for the space to honour ourselves and feel comfortable and happy in our own space.

Compassion Understanding others suffering by honouring and caring for them regardless of what they have experienced. To be compassionate is to listen without judgement, showing kindness to one another in our relationships. 

Happiness, Freedom and Wellness - These three words should be the birthright of all people on the planet. We believe they will be a natural byproduct of living the way of life we are suggesting to the world. 

Clarity - The world today is full of noise which many people find so hard to understand and process. By bringing back a peaceful environment and by eliminating the need to struggle, survive and live in lack we feel clarity becomes more natural. Having the time to think, contemplate and reason allows for clear communication and reason within the heart and mind. 

Patience - When you have time for yourself, to be centred in yourself, you can have more patience to approach life and people. When someone is frustrated, feeling low or making what might be seen as mistakes, it makes it vital for as many people as possible to nurture patience. This allows for someone to hold space so that we can uncover the truth, be compassionate and communicate clearly. 

Gracefulness - Being delicate and graceful when things and situations are thrown in your path is one of the best ways to maintain personal peace and character. Communicating with grace is about navigating what you know and using techniques of discernment, understanding and patience to effect a positive outcome.

Integrity - Integrity is about honouring your word and being honest and truthful. Trust is fostered when people are honest with how they feel. Creating the space for this to flourish is vital. 

Authenticity - To be authentic regardless of our fears of confrontation and being ourselves is what fosters strong communities. It can be challenging to be authentic after many of the experiences people have had but when you have a group of people who are seeking to be authentic at the same time, it can help the process and foster peace, understanding and unity. 

Community Principals & Values

Balance - Finding the balance between ALL things will help in stabilising and maintaining a healthy relationship between ourselves, each other and everything we do. Work should be balanced with Rest/Play, differences can be balanced by finding common ground and being diplomatic and considerate.

Forgiveness - We all can make mistakes, we can all have differing perspectives, and we can all say things we don't mean. Forgiveness is the practice that lets love have its day. We can all be angry at others for not living up to our expectations but perhaps it is those very expectations that stop us from relating to each other. 

Adaptability - This is an entirely new way of life for many people. Being able to adapt to situations which aren't what we are used to is something that helps us to truly experience life. It helps the villages continue to survive when challenges arise and when people fall out. 

Being of Service - To do something primarily for the benefit and goodwill of another person or group of people. When we serve, we look outside of ourselves, beyond our own problems, and seek to bring value to others.




Core Values


We care about Nature and our Planet, which is why we don't encourage, endorse or promote shooting for sport in any Gaian Village. This includes Foxes, Rabbits, Poultry or Badgers. We understand the change in natural balance in our ecosystems and we are advocates of natural ways to bring balance back to our animal populations.


Raising Cattle

Our Acre to 2.5 Acre Model does not currently support the raising of cattle such as Cows. The Acre Model is predominantly Vegetarian, which includes; Chickens (for eggs), Bees, Ducks and maybe a small goat which are in alignment with Permaculture Principals. If you decide to raise animals in your domain what you do with the produce and animals is up to you; eggs, honey, dairy, offspring and meat can be eaten or sold. We will ensure that peoples choices around this topic are taken seriously in regards to dietary and lifestyle preferences, enabling these commonalities to be a top priority when situating individuals with others who share the same principals and values


Pets - Domesticated Animals

Although domesticated animals aren't promoted in this model we are aware that most people may have a pet and giving up that pet would be challenging if not an impossible thought to consider, or even want to consider. We want to restore the natural ecosystems that were present throughout our past. In order to do this we have to ensure we aren't bringing unnecessary predators into the villages. Some pets such as dogs and cats can provide a service to the community and help deter pests, rodents and move/pull equipment. In terms of sufficiency, it is important to understand the needs and requirements of each animal, such as food, shelter and waste.

Respecting Individual Beliefs

No matter your background we encourage all individual beliefs as long as they don't encourage harm or inflict dogma onto other people. We are diverse people and respecting that is very important, we will seek to find people with similar beliefs and vales when it comes to village placement if this is requested, as we want everyone to feel comfortable.

Body Autonomy 

We strongly believe that making your own health choices is important, which is why we do not segregate people based on their vaccination status or medical records. We are strongly against forced vaccinations and each resident of a Gaian Village should respect each person's choice in regards to this

Substance Use 

We are aware that smoking, drinking and recreational drugs are popular in society, whilst we are advocates of respecting each individual's choices and ways of living, we would like residents to be mindful of others when considering drinking or smoking. We have found that a substance free lifestyle can provide clarity of mind and body, and can aid in better communication with others especially in a community setting.


 We enter into this world naked and our spirit is formless, yet you wouldn't be able to walk around your local town without getting arrested for exploitation. We are aware that people enjoy being nude, and that it is a natural part of life for some. However, not everyone shares the same opinions on nudity especially around children. We have to be aware and mindful that nudity for some can be uncomfortable and even trigger trauma. 


Unfortunately Nudity has been over sexualised by the media and its difficult to understand peoples motives, reactions and energies behind wanting to be nude, or even seeing others nude. For this reason we are not promoting nudity on a Gaian Village. 

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