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The Gaian Earth Trust

A Natural, Sovereign way of Life.

What is The Gaian Earth Trust?

Our mission is to provide free access to land, education and resources that will help to create opportunities for people to live a natural, sovereign way of life connected to nature and the forest garden. We want to offer education on how to become self-sufficient by growing fresh, organic food, revitalising heritage crafts, learning how to maintain a homestead, being the caretakers of our natural world and building sovereign communities across the rest of the nation.


We want to create a better future for everyone, including the generations to come by making sure that the natural environment is not compromised. We hope to create a healthy balance between Earth, nature and humanity while advocating for the rights and well-being of all its inhabitants.

How Do We Do This?

Step 1: We Purchase Land to Hold in Trust

The Gaian Earth Trust is set up to purchase land to lease to residents for free, for lifetime use. The purpose of the Trust is to ensure the protection of the Environment and the Security of the people living in the Gaian Village. The land in the trust will not be owned by one individual or corporation and will be leasable for life, to pass on to family members in perpetuity


 Step 2: We Provide Education, Opportunity & Empowerment

We offer education and resources to those living on a Gaian Village, and those who do not. One of our main objectives is to empower people to make more conscious choices and to provide education tailored around Nature, Ethics, Conservation, Forest Gardening, Permaculture, Biodynamics, Sustainable Housing and Living within Planarity Capacity plus much more. This removes the barriers people have to getting land and getting started like money and know-how. The Gaian Earth Trust is a people and nature-focused organisation which strives to inspire and promote natural and harmonious well-being, living and education that will benefit everyone.


Step 3: The Creation of Conscious Communities

People have been in survival for many many years, even generations. Once the survival mechanism has been relaxed, by people having all their basic needs met to a high-quality standard, we can focus on the true potential of human beings. Once each person's mental and physical needs are met in the village, we can start to focus on the spiritual and emotional aspects. Topics around human nature such as; relationships, relating to one another, understanding, patience, coming from a non-reactive place, living in harmony etc. All these elements are vital components for ensuring longevity, peace and happiness with a village community setting.


 Step 4: Securing the Future for the Seventh Generation

We want our children and their children to be able to enjoy a worldwide flourishing, abundant garden, that provides freedom and a choice. Establishing this natural way of life is going to allow the Earth to recover from years of intensive farming, overconsumption and exploitation of natural resources. With a target goal of 1,000+ villages, we hope to be able to see a dramatic change in every area of the world. Securing the future for those who will come next. There are many thriving communities around the world, we hope to bridge the gap with existing ones whilst helping to create new ones, so that the world and its people can come back to peace and harmony quicker. 


This is Something We Do Together...

Our Mission in Wales

Artistic Representation of Wales - Arimas Arts

The First Ethical Country: WALES

We have the goal of making Wales the world's First Ethical Country. Our three model villages of 100, 500 and 1000 Acres will prove our claims so they may then be replicated thousands of times over. We will aim to provide and prove solutions to all of the problems people and the earth are facing.


The Welsh Government works alongside The One Planet Development to help missions like ours to succeed, which is why Wales is the first place we will start this mission. Planning permission, rules and restrictions can be barriers to projects like ours, so we have chosen to work with organisations who have already had success with these.


We have the confidence and belief that this model could inspire widespread change throughout the world. 

Henbane - North Wales_edited.jpg

Watch our recent lives where we explain even more!

This video specifically explores the domains, villages and some of the questions you guys asked. 

This video dives more into the mechanics of the idea with planning, governments, the way of life and how we all come together in these villages. 

In this video, we explored the ethical elements of the trust. 

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